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Liaison Placement Services, "Making Recruiting Great Again"

Our owner, Adam used to work for large corporate american staffing companies.  After servicing dozens of clients, hiring 1000's of workers both temp and perm all over the country and overseeing 10's of millions in accounts, he realized that something needed to change.  Costs needed to be lower, quality needed to be better and a business model that could create change needed to be built.

In May 2018 he made the idea a reality.  He set "working for the man" aside and decided to create a platform that has grown to what it is now.

How you might ask.................................."the secret sauce"

Answers:  How to get cost lower and still be profitable...........................

1)  Create a company that is 100% remote.  No brick and mortar = less overhead = more savings for our clients.

2) Hire other like minded "grinders" that were tired of corporate America structure, comfortable with commission only that knew they were awesome enough to not need a salary or hourly wage.  No upfront salary = no overhead = more savings for our clients.

3) Create a training program that would guarantee success and income for new business development managers. Education/training that costs them nothing.  Share his knowledge and "tricks' that made him a top producer over the years and teach others how to do the same.

With steps 1-3 the foundation was laid.  Adam had a team that wanted to work, not felt obligated to, a full proof system to provide the BEST account managers.  YES we wake up and work from our homes, YES we probably wear sweats and lounge clothes and YES we love it!!

Working for companies with a corporate structure creates the mentality of "I need to work to get a paycheck, I need to hit my quotas so I don't get fired"  This is why so many staffing companies get a bad wrap.  They submit any and everybody so they meet their "boss's expectations, they make calls to make them to hit goals etc..................

Here at LPS. Our team loves what we do, there is no pressure.  We understand that if we don't fill orders, we don't pay our bills.  We only work with clients with attainable orders and good reputations.  We only submit candidates that meet the requirements and give us a good sense of hope for placement.  We consult our clients first, make sure its worth the allocation and sacrifice of our time and then we work for THEM.  100% of our attention and effort is for the client with client until successful placement.

THEN comes our recruiting team.  We network with and hire independent recruiters that are proficient in the industries we service.  Adam hand selects recruiters that emulate his vision and have the same passion as him and his biz development team.  Most of these recruiters are being paid pennies on the dollar through other companies and have the "I am a pawn" mentality.  They get to choose the orders they work, they get exclusivity  and create a business relationship with the account manager and work TOGETHER to source the right talent.  Recruiters are the life blood of our company,  If they don't find the right candidates, no one in the organization gets paid.  They lean on the BDMs for good orders, the BDMs lean on the recruiters for solid placements and everyone leans on Adam who is heavily involved to see it all comes together.  WE are a family.  All for one and One for all.

To wrap all of this up, We all work because we enjoy it, we don't get paid until our clients are happy and candidates are placed.  WE are a family and look forward to welcoming you to ours.

The Liaison Placement Services Team

Our company is great due to our stellar team.  Our chemistry, similar mind sets and unique set of skills each of us possess is what makes this machine work.
Adam Moreland

President/Team Leader

Kendra Niles

Business Dev. Manager

Sandy Taylor

Business Dev. Manager

Mychal Trawick

Business Dev. Manager

Dan Codispoti

National Recruiter

Ashley Cuppett

National Recruiter

Kieran Flynn

National Recruiter

Skye Silansky

Part time contracted recruiter

Tim Segura

National Recruiter

Needed a superintendent and a crew of 10 carpenters to finish a bridge project in NM.  LPS delivered a stellar crew and Superintendent that allowed us to finish ahead of schedule and produced all this in a week for us for a fraction of the costs we are accustomed to seeing.  Would highly recommend.

Luke Whitbeck-Project Manager @ Structures, INC

I have worked with Adam when he was with another temp company.  He has integrity, provides solid candidates, moves quick and is very dependable.

Clay LeBlanc- Project Manager- Waskey Bridges

Adam's company was referred to us by someone he has worked with in the past.  LPS provided a drafter tech with security clearance when we thought all hope was lost.  The savings was a blessing and the tech is still with us today. Thank you LPS.

Christine Benson- Controller 

Having worked with multiple staffing companies, mostly horror stories.....LPS changed all of that.  We had a very niche position of a fire alarm install Superintendent as well as a SR PM and Liaison delivered both, ahead of schedule, almost half of what we've paid previously and the guys are still with us.  Next time we expand, LPS is our first call.

Emma Brown-Human Resources